Royalle Modelling is made up of 3 divisions; Scouted, Royallettes and Elite influencers.


Talent development is one of the key pillars of our brand and our team are constantly on the look out for fresh new talent with unique attributes that compliment our client’s needs.

We scout aspiring models through a range of digital and physical initiatives and grow our scouted models every day.

Through training, career development and professional mentoring, we grow our talent to be their best. Once they have proven themselves by our high standards, we move them up to the Royallette status

Royallettes & Royalle Men

A Royallette is more than a title; its an accomplishment!

A Royallette:

  • Consistently exceeds expectations in all photo and video shoots regardless of brand and concept
  • Is highly reliable with all commitments including arriving/departing on time, communication and attitude
  • Is a high influential figure with a positive message to the greater community

Elite Influencer

Our elite influencers are highly influential figures with a very strong following.

Elite Influencers:

  • Possess all the attributes of a Royallette
  • Have an Instagram and Facebook following of 30,000 +
  • Are highly experienced with well-known national/international brands and top tier photographers

To enquire about any of our models, contact us now or register your interest online.